Unless a viewer has a valid PIN the locked DVD content cannot be played via a DVD player, nor can the video files be accessed from a PC. Liquid11 developed effective security features which integrate with a unique PIN allocation system which when combined combat the flaws of traditional single PIN locking.

Traditional PIN based locking mechanisms used a single PIN on all replicated DVDs. This resulted in one PIN being issued to all viewers. The PIN could easily become syndicated via Internet newsgroups and word of mouth with no tracking available to pinpoint abusive users and no incentive for people who have purchased their PIN not to distribute it. Typically residual revenues from single PIN based locking technology became eroded over time. The longer the product was in distribution the smaller the revenues became.

DVDpay offers Level II technology which securely restricts access to film content to viewers who have a valid unique PIN. If a viewer attempts to circumvent any PIN entry and browse directly to the locked video they are advised that the content is locked and they must first purchase a PIN. Each DVD, and if necessary each chapter of a single DVD, can be locked independently or mixed with "free to view" content providing multiple revenue stream opportunities or a valuable upsell opportunity per DVD.