The Product

DVDPay is a UK patented technology with worldwide patent pending status. The locking technology is based on a unique public/private key method. This means that each customer is given a unique viewing code for each different locked item they wish to watch on a DVD. Their code will work multiple times for the same content, meaning this is a customer friendly pay to own proposition. The viewing code is specific and unique to each viewer.

DVDPay integrates effective encryption, meaning the code cannot be bypassed on a DVD player or computer. These two unique features are wrapped in an integrated and convenient payment mechanism which appeals to viewers and maximises sales.

The technology works with all existing DVD players meaning you are not restricted to an audience using specific hardware. DVDPay is compatible with all standard DVD replication methods meaning clients can choose to replicate DVDPay discs with their preferred replication facility.

DVDPay offer a flexible service from fully managed production to a fully working master delivered to your replicators. The design, build, authoring and billing can all be provisioned in house offering a secure one-stop solution.