Features & Benefits

Securely protect video content on a DVD using patented DVDPay technology. This allows free distribution of DVDs using newspapers or magazines whilst ensuring that premium content cannot be accessed without a viewer paying to watch.

Free to view and locked film content is mixed on the same DVD, ensuring the viewer receives the benefit of traditional free DVDs whilst providing an immediate upsell opportunity. The upsell is available to the viewer at a time which is both convenient and targeted. Content owners can use back catalogue content given away for free on a DVD as an introduction and teaser to premium locked content which requires payment to view.

Billing is provided by Premium Rate Services, Premium SMS or Credit Card. These are three established, secure and trusted payment solutions ensuring maximum sales and providing the viewer with a convenient payment method using technology they are have already experienced.

Profiled data can be collected for each viewer including the customer's telephone number, geographic location, type of content unlocked, time(s) of purchase and frequency of repeat purchasing. By modelling this data over a number of purchases brand owners can profile viewers and purchasers of their content showing loyalty to their brands, cross marketing opportunities, effectiveness of advertising and group purchasing habits. By cross referencing demographic information provided by geographic location DVDPay can provide a unique insight into purchaser's habits.

Marketing data is automatically collected using the customers telephone number as a reference. If the customer allows it content owners can then contact their customers directly with future value propositions or to receive feedback on the content and experience.

DVDPay works on existing DVD technologies which do not require the customer to purchase any special hardware, software or have an internet connection.